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"Curating Immateriality (Data Browser)"

Curating Immateriality (Data Browser)

Curating Immateriality (Data Browser) Joasia Krysa, Editor

Okay, I'm going to be honest and just say that I could barely finish this book. Which is not meant to be a criticism of the publication as much as an acknowledgement of my intellectual limitations and lack of deep interest in art on the Internet. At least, I think that's what this book was about. The only essay that I could really penentrate was Christiane Paul's "Flexible Context, Democratic Filtering, and Computer-Aided Curating." Paul discusses the changes and opportunties that on-line curating brings, while also providing a brief history of online curating. She concludes, "The online space, in particular, naturally supports distributed filtering and classifying, and therefore a distribution of curatorial control. In networked environments, selecting and filtering can be undertaken by curators, artists, and audiences, as well as processes automated by software." 

I'm interested in the curatorial profession, its past, present, and future challenges. So I think that's why Paul's essay was accessible. But the rest, for me at least, was too dense. Maybe it's something I need to "grow" into as new media becomes more mainstream.

Elizabeth Schlatter